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Alex Yar Long Reading logIMG_0150.JPGThese are my dogs.

Chicken Mick nugget
my mouth. Chicken McNuggets explode with juicy flavor in my mouth. I feel like I am floating in the air. There is a crunchy flavor in my mouth. I am happy. I love it. My Aunt Jenny and her daughter Hailey are fun people for taking me out to get chicken nuggets at McDonalds
I taste a flavor in.

I Climbed a Vine

The day climbed a vine, it was early spring. I fell in the water. My friend Lily Spencer helped me get out. I was freezing. My dog Monique also in. fell the vine was connected to a tree. I was scared and my mother was scared too. My dog was scared I was scared too. It was almost dinner time so I climbed out and my mom found me. Then, I went home my brother waited until my friends saw it. My friends were happy and I hope I will never do it again Mom! It was fun and scary at the same time.