These websites are organized to correspond with the third grade math curriculum. All of the links are games unless they say otherwise.

Happy learning, mathematicians!!!!

TIME #1: An analog clock whose hands you can rotate, also has a digital clock to tell you what time you have set!
TIME #2: Game for setting clock hands; click RANDOM.
TIME #3: Set the analog clock to the digital clock’s time.
TIME #4: Elapsed time challenges. (What time will it be in….minutes?)
MONEY #1: Game for counting change. Scroll down–the game is hiding! Try all three levels. (Easy, Normal, Hard)
MONEY #2: Making change for a purchase. Choose Easy, Medium, Hard, or Super Brain. Click on the American flag for U.S. currency.
MONEY #3: There are three games on the bottom: “How Much Money?,” “Pay Exact Amount,” and “Make A Dollar.” Try all three games!
MONEY CHALLENGE: Diffy game, finding differences of amounts of money. Click on “Money” on the bottom.
NUMBER SENSE #1: Interactive Number Grid. Many uses. (GAME A) Color any number. Color any other number. Find the difference between those two numbers. Check with a calculator (# - # =) (GAME B) Count by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, etc. Color each number in the count.
NUMBER SENSE #2: This game is like Frames and Arrows.
NUMBER SENSE #3: Guess the number (0-1,000)
NUMBER SENSE #4: Guess the number. CHALLENGE: Enter a range of 0-10,000!
NUMBER SENSE #5: This game is like Frames and Arrows. Scroll down to the blue practice box.

MULTI-DIGIT ADDITION #1: Move Base 10 Blocks to help you regroup.
MULTI-DIGIT ADDITION #2: Find the shortest route from start to finish by adding.
MULITI-DIGIT ADDITION #3: Space Shuttle Launch. Click on Addition, then choose hard.
MULIT-DIGIT SUBTRACTION #1: Move Base 10 Blocks to help you trade first.
MULIT-DIGIT SUBTRACTION #2: Write any problem, see it in Base 10 Blocks, click “Regroup” to decide on an answer.
MULTI-DIGIT SUBTRACTION #3: Space Shuttle Launch. Click on Subtraction, then choose hard.
MULTI-DIGIT SUBTRACTION #4: Fishing game. Choose hard.

MEASUREMENT #1: Practice measuring by unit and half unit. (review)
MEASUREMENT #2: There are 3 games with measuring in cm and 4 games measuring in inches. Play all of the games!!!
PERIMETER: Find the perimeter of the shape.
AREA & PERIMETER: Choose easy, medium, hard, or super brain. Choose perimeter, area, or both!
GEOBOARD: Use bands to build rectangles, then count perimeter and area, or play games on the right bar: Shapes with Perimeter 16 and Maximizing Area.

FACTS CHALLENGE: Write true number sentences. HARD and VERY FUN!

PLACE VALUE #1: Compare two four-digit numbers using >, <, and =. Scroll down to blue box.
PLACE VALUE #2: How to say numbers correctly.
PLACE VALUE #3: Write the number in numerals that you read in words. Scroll down to the blue practice box.
DECIMALS #1: Round the number to the nearest whole.
DECIMALS #2: Tenths practice. Read the green box and then scroll down to the blue practice box.
DECIMALS #3: Hundredths practice. Read the green box and then scroll down to the blue practice box.
DECIMALS #4: Thousandths practice. Read the green box and then scroll down to the blue practice box.
DECIMALS #5: Hang the decimals on the wash line in order from least to greatest.
DECIMALS #6: One or two player Jeopardy game. FUN!!

GEOMETRY VOCABULARY: Matching game. After you have played a game, click on “Start Over” to see more terms.
RIGHT ANGLE: Sort the shapes by right angles.
ANGLES #1: Find an angle that matches the given angle.
ANGLES #2: Squirt the dog with the hose.
ANGLES #3: Learn all about angles and their measures
ANGLES APPLICATION: Play Little Rocketman.
ANGLES CHALLENGE: Banana Hunt–know angle measures–4th grade!!
POLYGONS: Sort polygons based on color, shape, and size.
REGULAR POLYGONS: Sort polygons into two groups: regular and irregular.
POLYGONS AND POLYHEDRONS: Sort/classify these shapes based on their characteristics.
TRIANGLES: Sort triangles by type: equilateral, isosceles, scalene. Click “Play Movie” before you sort.
TANGRAMS PICTURES: Make the picture shown.
TANGRAMS PICTURES CHALLENGE: Make the picture that is shown. Involves flips and rotations (4th grade math).
GEOMETRIC SOLIDS, FACES, EDGES, VERTICES: Turn these polyhedrons around and color the faces, edges, and vertices.
SYMMETRY: Sort figures by the number of lines of symmetry in that figure.

MULTIPLICATION (EXTENDED FACTS): There are three levels to play!
DIVISION CHALLENGE: Planet Blaster. Click “Set Options” (button on bottom right). Then, select game type (division). Set the min number to 1 and the max number to 144 or higher. Have fun!!
PARENTHESES CHALLENGE: Write number sentences using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to total 24. HARD! You might want to use a calculator!

Awesome Fraction Games
Cookies for Grampy
Pizza Party
Loads of Fraction Games
List of Fraction Games
Fraction Race
Cross the River
Shade the Fractions

PARTIAL PRODUCTS ALGORITHM: This is a Powerpoint lesson, not a game. Do not save or download, just press “Open.”
LATTICE METHOD: Click on “Lattice” on the bottom. You can move the black squares to show any multiplication sentence up to 30 x 30.
TRADITIONAL METHOD: Click on “Common” on the bottom.
MULTI-DIGIT MULTIPLICATION: Space Shuttle Launch. Click on Multiplication then choose hard.
FACTORS #1: A two-person game, or you can choose to play against the computer. (Mrs. Davis lost to the computer!)
FACTORS #2: Factorgram. Find all the factors of the target number.
FACTORS #3: Play sliding factors by sliding tiles onto a number of which it is a factor, or slide tiles onto blank squares to further match factors.

CAPACITY: Fill and Pour game.
MEAN AND MEDIAN: Click on the white boxes below the number line. Type in your data. Then, click on “Sort” to put your data in order from least (minimum) to greatest (maximum). Click on “Apply” to find out the mean and median. Uncheck “Box and Whisker.”
COORDINATE GRIDS #1: What’s the Point? game. Play easy, medium, and hard.
COORDINATE GRIDS #2: Billy Bugs game.
BAR GRAPHS: Make a bar chart. Click on “Standard.”
BAR GRAPHS ADVANCED: Make a bar chart.
PIE CHART: Make a pie chart.
PIE CHART ADVANCED: Make a circle graph.
CREATE A GRAPH: Make 5 types of graphs.

SPINNERS: Online spinner. Click on “Record Results.”
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