Curriculum Night Presentations

Here are the two PowerPoint presentations from curriculum night.

Wikis In Plain English

This YouTube video will help to explain what a wiki is and its purposes.

Adding to the Reading Log

Students went to computer lab to learn how to add a page with a reading log template.
Here are some instructions for how to add to their reading logs.
  • Click on “sign on” at the top right corner
  • Have your child sign on using his/her username and password. If they forget that information, it is written on the front page of their planners. (For the wiki, they don’t need to put the after their username)
  • Click on “Student Pages”
  • Click on your child’s name
  • Click on your child’s reading log link
  • Click the “Edit” tab towards the top right
  • Type in the information in the correct date of the reading log
  • Click “Save” at the top right

Recommended Links for Students

Delicious is a social bookmarking program where students can view websites that I have tagged. The websites will be useful for the students. The websites are also categorized for ease of use. Here is the link to my username websites:

Typing Instruction

Although we won't have much time to cover typing skills in third grade, it is important that children learn good habits right away. This will give them more time to practice, and help speed things up in the classroom. Here is a link to a great FREE online keyboarding program (if you don't mind the accents):
Dance Mat Typing

Wordle Word Poems

Wordle is an awesome student resource for word poems. It makes the students think about single words that relate to a larger subject. Today, the students worked on the laptops to create word poems for the character trait, kindness. Click on the link below to go to the Wordle site. Type in a few words and click "go". The more you type in a word, the bigger it will appear when the poem is generated. The formats can be randomized or customized.
Wordle Word Poems Spelling Practice

I am using a website called to test the students on their spelling words every Friday. This website is an amazing resource for the students and for parents because I preprogram the words in the week of the test, so that the students can play practice games with the spelling list. Also, they can take practice tests that are the same as the real test.
  • Click on the link below
  • Pick a spelling word list
  • Click on “teach” to get a quick lesson
  • Click on “test” to take a practice test
  • Click on “games” to choose from a list of games that will use my list


I introduced a wonderful online tool today to the students called Moodle. It is a very secure online classroom where I can post assignments and create discussion forums for the students to interact with each other through their work.

In order to use Moodle, your child will need to log in using his/her district username and password. We practiced the process today using an assignment on the Mulan story they have been reading this week, but I wanted to send you all a list of instructions in case they draw a blank.

To get to Moodle:

· Go to the district website:
· Hold your cursor over the Parents/Students tab
· Click on Student Links
· Click on the gold Moodle icon (make sure it is the one that says “all schools except BCS”)
· To bypass all of these steps, click on this link:

Logging In:
· You should now be at the log in screen
· Enter username and password (this information is on the front page of their planner if they forget)

Getting to the Assignments:
  • Click on Mr. Arbaugh's Class
  • The assignments are categorized by subject area.